• I’m Mo. I’m 21 and I’m an aspiring fashion designer and model. Fashion is my art and my compulsion. Through this blog I hope to share my unique point of view as well as my journey to hopefully realize my dream.

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Jacket Gloves Boots Having not grown up in a cold place, it took me a couple real winters in Canada to figure out how to dress myself in a warm and fashionable way. I also found a real lack of this issue being discussed on other fashion blogs. So I wanted to show others how … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #61

Nothing too exciting this week, but I’ve started dancing again and it’s so much fun. I’m learning the dance from the song below. BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’


Weekly Summary #60

Blog Posts: February 2015 Wish List This week I honestly just worked and got some tedious annoying stuff done. Hopefully next week will be more exciting :) BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’

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February 2015 Wish List

Rainbow Mesh Oversized Tee $35 Internet Queen 2 Piece Set $75 Double Rainbow Leggings £20 Optical Turtle Dress $145 Balanced Box Tote $25 BYE CHOKER $62 UNIF LOGO TEE $55 DITTO BACKPACK $105 LACE UP HIGH WAIST GARTER SKIRT $60.99 MULTI STRAP CARRYALL HANDBAG $44.99 What’s on your wish list for this month? BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’


Weekly Summary #58&59

Instagram Photos: 1. Target Canada liquidation haul 2. My typical “Caturday” outfit I’ve done a lot in the past two weeks. I did a small photo shoot, which was really fun. I kind of remembered how fun it is and how happy it makes me so I’m definitely planning to do that more often. I … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #57

This week I slowed things down a bit. I’m taking my time to clean and get a few things done, and today I set up for a little photo shoot I’m planning to do tomorrow. I really want to focus more on my blog again. I’ll have a few posts coming out soon. One of … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #56

Blog Posts: January 2015 Wish List I’ve been so extremely busy this week. I’ve been cleaning, organizing, fixing, shopping, cooking, working, and exercising like crazy. My house has been a complete mess from renovations so I’ve had a never ending amount of stuff to deal with, but I’ve still maintained a really good routine despite … Continue reading

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January 2015 Wish List

This month I’ve been really into streetwear and also a work-out inspired look while still keeping it a little bit grunge. So here’s my wish list! AVA TONAL BLOCK HEM CONTRAST SWEAT $35 CARA SPORT MESH CROP TOP $20 ELLIE OVERSIZED CROP SPORTS HOODY $30 BUNGALOW SWEATSHIRT $30 EYE TRI LOOSE FIT T-SHIRT SALE RRP … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #54&55

In the past two weeks I’ve been sleeping a lot. I’m not kidding. 16 hours most days I have spent sleeping. I went to a friends house for NYE but actually just slept through the night because I wasn’t feeling well. I’m such a party animal. Everything is back to normal now, and I’m going … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #52&53

Instagram Photos: 1. Cute snowman cookie 2. My Chinese food came with this adorable calendar 3. My “Christmas tree” 4. Christmas selfie Hi everyone. Hope you had a great holiday. I haven’t had a lot going on so I decided to put these two weeks together. In my last two weeks, my computer broke again, … Continue reading


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