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  • I’m Mo. I’m 21 and I’m an aspiring fashion designer and model. Fashion is my art and my compulsion. Through this blog I hope to share my unique point of view as well as my journey to hopefully realize my dream.
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Men’s Summer 2015

Hey guys! I wanted to do a little lookbook/wish list for men for this summer. I was looking at sunglasses and got really inspired by menswear. This is pretty much my style, but for men. I would love to see more men get creative with clothing and have fun with fashion! Just click on the … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #77

Blog Posts: June 2015 Wish List This week was pretty good. I felt happy for a few days. I had a lot of good things happen to me, and got a lot done. It was so good that I was weirded out because it’s so unusual for me. I did a little shopping, so I’m … Continue reading

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June 2015 Wish List

This month I have an entire wish list from Dolls Kill. This is not a sponsored post, I just found this shop and really like it! I love all their rainbow and alien stuff. They are totally my style! MONSTER BEHIND YOU FURRY BACKPACK $49 FURRBEE BACKPACK $33.60 RAINBOW VELVET CROP TOP $25.60 BIG ASS … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #76

Blog Posts: BANG BANG BANG This week I just tried to stick to a routine and get a few things done. I’m starting to feel a little bit happier, so that’s good ;) BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’





Weekly Summary #75

Blog Posts: Part 10: Striving This week I went back to work and started exercising again. Not feeling too bad! BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’


Part 10: Striving

I haven’t posted one of these in a long time. I think that’s because I wanted to wait until I had something substantial to say… I’m finally at a point now where I’m feeling okay about everything. My life certainly isn’t perfect, but I know what I want and I know what I need to … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #74

Blog Posts: SPYLOVEBUY SURF Sandals Unboxing and Review Video This week was so bad that I finally decided to seek professional help for my mental illness. I really put it off for too long. I also took the week off from working, which gave me a lot of time to relax, but I got a … Continue reading


SPYLOVEBUY SURF Sandals Unboxing and Review Video



Weekly Summary #73

Instagram Photos: 1. Sneak peak of next photo shoot ;) 2. New accessories I’ve gotten from eBay lately Blog Posts: “Safety” by me This week I’ve felt a little bit better and got a lot of stuff done. I shot a video for my blog and did a little photo shoot with my new lighting … Continue reading


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