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  • I’m Mo. I’m 21 and I’m an aspiring fashion designer and model. Fashion is my art and my compulsion. Through this blog I hope to share my unique point of view as well as my journey to hopefully realize my dream.
adore me_spring3

Weekly Summary #65

Blog Posts: Adore Me Spring Lookbook This week the new game Cities: Skylines took over my life. IT’S SO MUCH FUN! BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’

adore me_spring

Adore Me Spring Lookbook

Spring is in the air! Introducing the new bright and beautiful spring 2015 collection from Adore Me. Adore Me is a monthly subscription box of lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and more. Step into the season with fresh pastels and revitalized reds and pinks. Ornate embroidery and lace take center stage in our sophisticated yet playful new … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #64

Blog Posts: March 2015 Wish List I didn’t really do anything interesting this week. Just worked and drank a lot of coffee! BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’


March 2015 Wish List

This month I am soooo into spring/summer fashion. There’s still snow on the ground where I live, but I’ve got summer on the brain! I’m really into swim suits, cover ups, sunglasses and sandals! Summer can’t come fast enough. Nasty Gal Tupac Hologram Bikini Top $73.62 Nasty Gal Tupac Hologram Bikini Bottoms $63.47 Lucky Pack … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #63

Blog Posts: One Direction Makeup Kits Review I pretty much just worked this week and cooked a lot again. This time I made burritos and chocolate chip cookies. I also finished Breaking Bad. I don’t know what to do with my life now. BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’

review 005

One Direction Makeup Kits Review

Today I have a makeup review for a few makeup kits by One Direction. This review is courtesy of Markwins Beauty, so thank you for the chance to do this! To see more about these kits click here! First off, I want to say that I was really surprised by these kits. They weren’t what … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #62

Blog Posts: -25 C This week I watched a lot of Breaking Bad and cooked a lot. I really spammed Breaking Bad, spent a lot of time on the couch this week, not going to lie. It was kinda awesome. I really needed the relaxation, but now I’m back to work. I spent one day … Continue reading


-25 C

Jacket Gloves Boots Having not grown up in a cold place, it took me a couple real winters in Canada to figure out how to dress myself in a warm and fashionable way. I also found a real lack of this issue being discussed on other fashion blogs. So I wanted to show others how … Continue reading

Weekly Summary #61

Nothing too exciting this week, but I’ve started dancing again and it’s so much fun. I’m learning the dance from the song below. BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’


Weekly Summary #60

Blog Posts: February 2015 Wish List This week I honestly just worked and got some tedious annoying stuff done. Hopefully next week will be more exciting :) BLOGGER|WORDPRESS|TUMBLR|FACEBOOK|LOOKBOOK|INSTAGRAM|YOUTUBE|BLOG LOVIN’


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