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    I’m Mo. I’m 20 and I’m an aspiring fashion designer and model. Fashion is my art and my compulsion. Through this blog I hope to share my unique point of view as well as my journey to hopefully realize my dream.

Weekly Summary #51

Blog Posts: December Wish List This week my computer decided to break so there wasn’t a lot I could do. My sleep was still a little messed up too, I woke up at 4 AM for the last few days. I ended up watching a lot of Eddie Murphy movies and The Great Gatsby. My … Continue reading


December Wish List

This month I’ve been completely uninspired by clothes. We’ve been seeing pretty much the same stuff over and over since September. I’m more than ready for spring. But here’s a few things for my wish list anyway! The Mark Crop Top £45 LOLA TASSEL FRONT OVERSIZE CLUTCH BAG $45 Kecia Chunky Ankle Boot With Suede … Continue reading

review 003

Weekly Summary #50

Blog Posts: KISS InstaWave Tutorial & Review Sorry for the late post, I kept forgetting! My sleep schedule this week has been crazy. I’ve been trying to work when I can, but I also have been spamming Futurama and I started playing Hearthstone. I’ve been having a lot of fun. FACEBOOK | LOOKBOOK | INSTAGRAM … Continue reading


KISS InstaWave Tutorial & Review

Click here for the full post! FACEBOOK | LOOKBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | BLOG LOVIN’


Weekly Summary #49

Blog Posts: Hair Care This week I worked quite a bit and did a photo shoot for an upcoming post. I watched a few movies and started working out again. It was a pretty fun and relaxing week, considering. Exercising keeps me so zen. FACEBOOK | LOOKBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | BLOG LOVIN’

Hair Care

This weeks post was going to be a review on a hair product, but I completely underestimated how much time it would take, so here’s a few quick tips on how to keep your hair healthy instead! I’ve been growing my hair out for a few years, and I’d like to think I’ve kept it … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #48

This week has been about the same as last week. I’ve mostly still been relaxing and working only a teeny tiny bit. I’ll see you all later this week for some real posts :) FACEBOOK | LOOKBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | BLOG LOVIN’


Weekly Summary #47

Blog Posts: November Wish List This week I actually stayed true to my word and relaxed a lot. I did work a little, but I haven’t been pushing myself too hard. In a couple weeks I’ll start giving myself a little more to do, but for now this is really nice. I’ve been watching a … Continue reading


November Wish List

This is my wish list for November! It has started to get really cold here recently, so I’ve been thinking of stylish ways to keep warm. ZERA MARL KNIT CROP BATWING JUMPER from boohoo $30 MELISSA FLOCK VELVET SCALLOP EDGE BOXY TOP from boohoo $35 JESS SUPERSOFT SLINKY SNAKE PRINT TUBE MAXI SKIRT from boohoo … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #46

Blog Posts: Gasai Yuno Cosplay This week my partner had surgery, so I spent almost all of my time taking care of him. The surgery was a big source of stress for me, so I’m really happy that it’s over and that he is okay. A lot of things that were stressing me out before … Continue reading


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