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    I’m Mo. I’m 20 and I’m an aspiring fashion designer and model. Fashion is my art and my compulsion. Through this blog I hope to share my unique point of view as well as my journey to hopefully realize my dream.

Weekly Summary #47

Blog Posts: November Wish List This week I actually stayed true to my word and relaxed a lot. I did work a little, but I haven’t been pushing myself too hard. In a couple weeks I’ll start giving myself a little more to do, but for now this is really nice. I’ve been watching a … Continue reading


November Wish List

This is my wish list for November! It has started to get really cold here recently, so I’ve been thinking of stylish ways to keep warm. ZERA MARL KNIT CROP BATWING JUMPER from boohoo $30 MELISSA FLOCK VELVET SCALLOP EDGE BOXY TOP from boohoo $35 JESS SUPERSOFT SLINKY SNAKE PRINT TUBE MAXI SKIRT from boohoo … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #46

Blog Posts: Gasai Yuno Cosplay This week my partner had surgery, so I spent almost all of my time taking care of him. The surgery was a big source of stress for me, so I’m really happy that it’s over and that he is okay. A lot of things that were stressing me out before … Continue reading


Gasai Yuno Cosplay

My Gasai Yuno cosplay, from my favorite anime, Mirai Nikki/Future Diary. This was my most fun photo shoot so far, because the character really suited me, I felt. She is a crazy, overly attached girlfriend of sorts. She would do anything for her boyfriend, even kill people. Yes, she’s a little creepy, but you’ve got … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #45

Instagram Photos: 1. Halloween candy 2. Colored contacts for my costume 3. Halloween selfie 4. Cat onesie pajamas =^.^= I am so relieved that Halloween is over. It was so much work and stress. Yesterday I was so freaking exhausted, and I still am a little. I need to relax and finally catch up on … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #44

Instagram Photos: 1. ELF lip stains I really like 2. Small Target haul 3. My new favorite coffee creamer 4. Fake bangs to try out Blog Posts: Inspiration Album #14 This week I have been working pretty hard, have been trying to finish up some of my old projects, and got a lot of new … Continue reading


Inspiration Album #14


Weekly Summary #43

This week I’ve been working harder than ever before. I’ve come up with a lot of new ideas. But at the same time, I feel like no matter how hard I work it never pays off. I’ve been extremely stressed this week. My move got cancelled again. This is the second time that’s happened. I … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #42

Instagram Photos: 1. Halloween donut from Tim Horton’s 2. Sushi purse Blog Posts: October Wish List This week I continued to work on my cosplay, looked at apartments, hung out with friends, and celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. I did end up finding an apartment, and I’m moving in a month. I’m really excited, but also extremely … Continue reading


October Wish List

This is my wish list for the best month of the year, October! I love Halloween, so this month I have a lot of spooky picks! I’ve also gotten pretty into grunge, so that explains some of the pieces, and a few basics never hurt! Kill Star Halloween T-Shirt With Bat Print $57.11 Roah Leopard … Continue reading


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