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    I’m Mo. I’m 20 and I’m an aspiring fashion designer and model. Fashion is my art and my compulsion. Through this blog I hope to share my unique point of view as well as my journey to hopefully realize my dream.

Weekly Summary #39

Instagram Photos: 1. Halloween socks 2. Outfit photo shoot selfie 3. Eyeball ponytail holders 4. I love eyeliner Blog Posts: September Wish List Break The Rules Outfit Post This week I worked on my blog quite a bit, but I also worked a lot and started working on some art. I kind of revaluated my … Continue reading


Break The Rules

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September Wish List

This is my wish list for September! MELT DRESS $128 HELLA JELLY PLATFORMS $88 SALEM BRA $48 PYRAMID CLUTCH $98 Amanda Mixed Stone Ring Pack $15 Sally Ribbed Bodycon Dress $25 Moira Woven Check Formal Short $35 Motel Suri Wrap V Neck Playsuit in Black £45 Motel Ricky Oversized Tee in Black Fleece £39 Fawn … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #38

Instagram Photos: 1. Can never see the makeup under the glasses :( 2. Dollar store always has cute accessories 3. Halloween decorations I bought 4. My bracelets 5. My holy grail lipstick 6. Accidentally bought candy :( 7. Tim Hortons 8. Me petting a stray cat This week I stayed with a friend and went … Continue reading


Weekly Summary #37

Instagram Photos: 1. New t-shirt 2. Quote Blog Posts: Inspiration Album #13 This week has been a roller coaster of emotions, so I’m trying my best to keep myself distracted and have some fun too. I did an outfit photo shoot, watched some movies, and tried to relax. I went to Starbuck’s way too many … Continue reading


Inspiration Album #13

Image Sources: MILC, Nicola Formichetti, Dopensteez Follow: SITE | FACEBOOK | LOOKBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | BLOG LOVIN’


Weekly Summary #36

This week I was expecting to move, so I spent all of my time packing. But it’s not happening, so I have to find a new place. I’m trying to find a bright side in this, but I really just can’t. Follow: SITE | FACEBOOK | LOOKBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | BLOG LOVIN’


Weekly Summary #35

Instagram Photos: 1-4. Outfit photos! Blog Posts: Fuck The Suburbs Outfit Post This week I spent so much time on photoshop, but I can’t wait to do another outfit post. I honestly don’t have the time to do another one right now, but I might try to squeeze it in somewhere. It was too much … Continue reading


Fuck The Suburbs

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Weekly Summary #34

Instagram Photos: 1. Quote 2. Outfit photo shoot sneak peak Blog Posts: Part 9: Fine For Now This week I did my first outfit photo shoot, and started to photoshop the pictures. I’m also planning to move soon, so I started packing and throwing stuff away, and all that fun stuff. I’m slowly checking things … Continue reading


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